This site showcases photos taken mainly while I was travelling in Europe, Asia and Central America, complemented by pictures from my home towns of Prague and Brussels. For a chance to get a good photo, I was always willing to get up well before dawn. Lately rather to see birds during their busy early morning hours than to witness a colourful sunrise, but still happy to sacrifice the breakfast.
Compared to the excitement of taking photos, post-processing them is a very calming activity which I enjoy as much as waiting for the perfect light or the bird's ideal pose. Editing a photo can take only a few moments but several hours of work on a single picture are also very common in my case. Using the standard image processors by default, I'm a keen observer of the fast developments on the image editing front, ready to embrace any new creative possibilities, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence.
In case you have any questions or if you are interested in any of the photographs, thank you for using the below contact form. 

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