animal, Indian chameleon, Balapitiya, Sri Lanka

INDIAN CHAMELEON: While there are plenty of chameleons in Sri Lanka, they usually sit on a dry branch and keep the colour of their skin to a basic orange-yellow tone. Finding one who decided to go for the bright green outfit for a while counts as a little photographic success... (Balapitiya, Sri Lanka)

animal, Indian chameleon, Sinharaja, Sri Lanka

INDIAN CHAMELEON: A bright orange specimen is of course not less beautiful than the green one, just a bit easier to encounter. (Sinharaja, Sri Lanka)

grey seal, France, Perros Guirec

GREY SEAL: When chasing gannets or puffins on the nearby ornithological site of Sept-Îles, one cannot ignore the seals which check out visitors. A good photographic consolation on days where birds wouldn't cooperate. (Perros Guirec, France)

animal, Siberian chipmunk, mating, Brussels, Belgium

SIBERIAN CHIPMUNK: A bit of an anomaly to the European fauna, this little squirrel can be observed in many city parks, including during the very active mating season... (Brussels, Belgium)

animal, Siberian chipmunk, Brussels, Belgium

SIBERIAN CHIPMUNK: ...or any other time of the year. (Brussels, Belgium)

BENGAL MONITOR:The behaviour of these superb lizards is rather difficult to predict. Usually, they quickly disappear in the undergrowth, not interested in any interaction with people... (Udawalawa, Sri Lanka)

BENGAL MONITOR: ...but sometimes, typically after lunch, they give priority to sunbathing over security, allowing for a picture to be taken. (Habarana, Sri Lanka)

animal, water buffalo, Yala, Sri Lanka

WATER BUFFALO: In Sri Lanka, everybody is extremely afraid of the fearsome wild water buffalo. His domestic cousin, on the other hand, is the farmer's dearest friend... ​​​​​(Yala, Sri Lanka)

animal, grey langur, Bundala, Sri Lanka

GREY LANGUR: When langurs, otherwise rather shy monkeys, decide to pose for the camera, the show can get truly pornographic. Such scenes may be interesting anatomically but langur's classic position, perched on a branch high in the trees, staring into the void, is still the best... (Bundala, Sri Lanka)

animal, edible frog, Seneffe, Belgium

EDIBLE FROG: There are still enough ponds to observe the mating rituals of these lovely creatures and since technically this is an easy photo opportunity, one is just sitting by the water and thinking about the "edible" part... (Seneffe, Belgium)

animal, wild boar, Yala, Sri Lanka

WILD BOAR: It may be a very common animal but who would not enjoy an encounter with such a funny creature... This photo was taken at the very beginning of 2019, a year which the Chinese zodiac dedicates entirely to the pig! (Yala, Sri Lanka)

animal, Sri Lankan elephant, Udawalawa, Sri Lanka)

SRI LANKAN ELEPHANT: Admired both by locals and tourists, elephant is of course the star of every safari trip in Sri Lanka...(Udawalawa, Sri Lanka)

animal, toque macaque, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

TOQUE MACAQUE: This macaque is endemic to Sri Lanka but as all macaque species, these animals are so used to humans that their permanent presence can be a bit annoying. Nonetheless, some of their behaviour is very interesting visually, just like this method of eating corn: stuff everything into your cheeks first, only then find yourself a more quiet place to actually eat... ​​​​​​​ (Sigiriya, Sri Lanka)

Crab-eating macaque, Malaysia, Penang

CRAB-EATING MACAQUE: The macaque on this photo is in his natural habitat on a beach and displaying the classic long tail, however, he is not eating a crab on the photo but went for the much easier solution of human food... ​​​​​​​ (Penang, Malaysia)

animal, saltwater crocodile, Bundala, Sri Lanka

SALTWATER CROCODILE: Crocodiles are ubiquitous in Sri Lanka and local people like joking about the the crocodile having a preference for the white man. However, they claim that the most recent victim of a crocodile attack was a local drunk man many years ago, happily forgetting the British journalist killed by a crocodile in autumn 2017. (Bundala, Sri Lanka)


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